Diagnostics in Strood

At Medway Dual Fuel, we offer a comprehensive servicing and repairing for all makes of vehicles and provide a complete range of services to cover all eventualities. Our experienced technical team will be able to promptly diagnose your vehicles problems, and then supply you with a quotation of the work needed in order to fix it.

Our specialities include:

You rest assured that you once you leave your vehicle with us that we will be able to rectify any problem with it. You will be able feel the difference afterwards when driving your car.

The electrical and management systems are essential in regards to the overall performance of your vehicle, symptoms you may experience with faults are vast, but particular ones are.

These are some symptoms that should they occur then it is advisable to have a Diagnostic investigation. The Diagnostics that we perform invariably permit improved fuel consumption and a more satisfactory driving experience. Don’t leave it until it’s too late!