LPG Conversions in Strood

Discover the advantages and cut the cost of your fuel in half:

LPG produces fewer harmful emissions that impact on the local air quality and also reduces the output of carbon dioxide, the main global warming gas.

LPG vehicles are also up to 50% quieter than diesel engines and marginally quieter than petrol engines.

LPG also means lower maintenance. As fewer deposits build up in your car engine, it will run smoother and last longer. This reduced engine wear also means lower service and maintenance costs.

A conversion consists of fitting a secondary fuel system, this means that the petrol system is untouched so that you can change between LPG and petrol at the flick of a switch.

How do you convert

Switching to LPG is easy. MEDWAY DUAL FUEL offer a wide and extensive range of high quality equipment that allows petrol engined vehicles to run on LPG. The system is easily installed alongside your existing fuel system and offers you the option to run on either petrol or gas by simply flicking a dashboard switch. Conversions take approximately two days and cost between £750.00 and £1,200 plus VAT. MEDWAY DUAL FUEL use specialist skilled technicians and all work undertaken complies with LP Association Code of Practice 11 Installation Procedure. Contact Us today to arrange your LPG conversion.